Atacama Connection is a tourism company in San Pedro de Atacama, with more than a decade of experience. We are a company, deep in the Atacama Desert, that was born making routes, discovering landscapes and developing a quality service, with total dedication to our visitors.

Thousands of visitors have known, through our regular and special services, the natural beauties offered by our region, unique in the world.

Atacama Connection continues to be a pioneer in the development and innovation of tourism in San Pedro de Atacama and northern Chile. We are registered as providers of tourist services in the Chile’s National Tourism Service, Sernatur.

The Atacama Connection team has a high level of knowledge and language skills, our drivers are experts in mountains highways, the owners live in San Pedro de Atacama with their families and are pride themselves on being a small, internationally known company committed to our past, present and future clients.

Our mission is that each client lives a unique experience to know and enjoy San Pedro de Atacama and its breathtaking landscapes, in absolute respect to the environment, its flora, its fauna, and to learn about the ancestral culture of its atacameña ethnic group; as well as being a bridge for those who want to visit southern Bolivia and northern Argentina.

We have the vision to become a specialized tourism company that continues to position our region of San Pedro de Atacama with its beauties and culture, within the reach of any citizen of the world, providing quality and personalized attention.

We have the Commitment to assist you professionally during your stay, giving you all our experience and hospitality

Atacama Connection, your agency to make unforgettable your experience in San Pedro de Atacama, where the magic of nature … touches your soul

The Tourist Quality Seal is a distinctive that is granted to all the providers of tourism services that are certified in tourist quality standards granted by SERNATUR.

The benefits of preferring a service with Tourism Quality Seal:

The Tourist Quality Seal is a sign of trust, transparency, security, satisfaction of expectations and service improvements.

Confidence of receiving the service as it was contracted.
Transparency of knowing what specific elements can be offered by each tourist service provider.
Security of responding to an accident or a problem during the service.
Satisfaction, since it meets the expectations of customers.